A classic antiquarian book collection in the making – maybe

A classic antiquarian book collection in the making – maybe

Barnes and Noble leather bound kids’ classics book collection could become one of the sought after collectable antiquarian books of the future. On the other hand they may just disappear and become one of the millions of book titles which, although old, will end up being only worth the future equivalent of a couple of pounds at a car boot sale. However, would Adam Ferguson have guessed that a single volume of his Essay on the History of Civil Society, written in 1767 would be worth over £9,000 at 2013 prices? Probably not is the answer.

An Essay on the History of Civil Society, one of many antique leather bound books now worth a fortune

Image attributed to Classic Rare Books

Adam Ferguson

Adam Ferguson was by no means a character who stood out from the crowd during the period when he lived. Yes, he was a professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. Nowadays, we might refer to him as an intellectual historian. His role in the Scottish Enlightenment movement of the 18th century was neither any more nor any less than that of his contemporaries.

During his period he was soon forgotten much like his contemporaries as time passed and thinking evolved. However, nowadays he is considered as ‘the father of modern systematic sociology’ and is probably one of the reasons leather bound books attributed to him are worth an absolute fortune.


Rare book prices

Rare and antique books do not follow a path, whether that is how in demand they are as collectables, or indeed the price they fetch. That is to say one book written and published in the same year as Ferguson’s (1767) may be worth merely a few tens of pounds, at best a few hundred. An example of one such book is ‘Travels’, written by Jonathan Carver and published in 1766, 1767, and 1768. An example of this book is likely to fetch no more than £2,000 – £2,500.

Maybe it is because this book is an adventure which, while being an exciting factual read of the time, is now no longer relevant to modern day travel in North America. The value of an antiquarian volume can be dictated by many factors, not least the impact which the book had in literary circles of the time. Another factor is also how relevant the book may be to current thinking in the modern world.

Other factors which help dictate the price a book will fetch at auction or on general sale are as follows:

  • Topic
  • Author
  • Condition
  • Current demand
  • Publishing house

Current demand is an interesting one. Demand for an author may be subject to fashions of the time. A three volume original set of first edition Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien would have cost a few tens of pounds when first published in 1937. It is only in recent years however that the price has sky-rocketed, due in part to the popularity of the genre buoyed by the movie franchise.

Whether the Barnes and Noble leather bound kids’ classics book collection will ever be in the same league as the aforementioned volumes it is difficult to say. My bet is no; but then, I buy books to read, not sit around on shelves gathering dust – and these books, according to the kids, are a pretty good read.


Guidelines on How to Have a Vintage Style Home

Your home is an extension of yourself and the culture your family has. It is one of the few places on Earth where you can show your true nature. Thus, it is a common act to decorate the home with ornaments and styles that bring out your personality.

Classic and Elegant

One of the most popular styles today is vintage. The vintage style is often described as classic, elegant, and, to some extent, nostalgic. Many people consider the 1940s to 1950s to be the vintage era; this is the reason why most items that are called vintage are from this decade.

However, the vintage style of today has been adapted to suit the needs of the modern world. The combination of the modern and vintage styles makes it attractive for many people. This is just the general concept of the vintage style. You are free to create your own brand of a vintage-themed home, one that would suit your needs and tastes.

Vintage You Go

If you want to change your home to have more vintage interiors but are having problems in doing so, then here are some tips and reminders that could help you out:

  • Wooden Furniture. You can start by looking for aged wooden furniture. You can always find this kind of furniture at your local thrift store. Make sure to choose a classic design that is more intricate. This type of furniture was prominent during the 1940s. Just make sure that you find functional and sturdy ones to avoid spending too much money on replacements in the future.
  • Colours that match your style. Another aspect that you should look into is your furniture and decorative items’ colour. You might want to choose a colour that is in the neutral to pastel shade. Make sure to avoid vibrant colours, since these are often associated with the modern style.
  • Floral Designs for your home. For your sofas, upholstery, and even your wallpaper, you might want to invest in those that have floral designs. Since floral designs were a big hit back in that decade, you might want to check items with doilies and crochet finishes as well.
  • Decorative and Functional Pieces. The vintage style combines functionality and style. You’ll now have an excuse to bring out those floral cutlery and utensils. If you have a big enough budget, you might want to add glass vases, tall lampshades with fabric covers, old paintings, large bowls, and other items that could add to the classic, old style you are aiming for.
  • Online. Before you go hunting for items outside your home, you might want to check online, where you can get ideas and even items at a cheaper price.


These are some of the things that you should consider when you want to have a vintage-themed home.


Things to Consider

If you want to have a vintage home, you might want to ask yourself these things first. How much are you willing to set aside for the project? Do you have the time to renovate your home or are you going to hire someone to do it for you? To what extent will you want to change your home?

It is essential to ask yourself these questions to help you narrow down your goals when it comes to changing your home’s interior. Changing your home’s interior style can be quite challenging, but it is a rewarding task that should be done.

Choosing the right web hosting company

A new year is approaching and 2011 will soon be a faint memory. Well maybe not that long gone, but still a new year and a time to make new changes for the better. A good place for a webmaster to start is by comparing their existing managed hosting company with some of the other top 10 hosting companies online today.It is time to start checking out the web hosting review section over at HostingPosting.com to find the best value for your money. See if another hosting service can provide you with more bandwidth and at a cheaper rate. You may be over paying now; while getting less features.

Your website took a lot of time and hard work to complete. In many cases, the work is never complete, as you continue to add more information and pictures to your website daily. Since you spent so much time and hard work building your website, it only seems natural for you to get the best web site hosting company to store your website online. A lot of hosting companies are available for choosing, so make sure you have some inside knowledge, on why you’re selecting a specific hosting service. Make sure that their services and options can grow with your site like being able to offer colocation services. If you own your servers and would like to have them in a secure enterprise-class facility then having a provider that can offer colocation services would be a good fit for your sites and business.

There are so many factors that go into choosing the right web hosting company so don’t just settle on the lowest price. Finding hosting coupons can’t hurt though. Look for up time guarantees and the ability to expand bandwidth should your blog or website take off. Blog hosting is just one of the things you can check out at Superb.net and I encourage you to do your own research and see which web hosting company you would like to do business with in 2011.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About File Sharing

Backing up the files on your computer is essential. This is doubly true if you use your computer to work from home. The last thing you need is for the project you are working on to disappear because of a virus. However, you may not be sure exactly how to back up your files. You may not want to buy extra equipment to back up your files. So what can you do? Well one thing you can do is back your files up on the Internet. Here are some details about online file sharing and how it can help your business.

File Sharing Can Save You Money

When you use the Internet to store and share your files, you save money. With online file sharing, you do not have to spend a lot of money on things like flash drives or external hard drives. You can just store your information on an online file sharing site and you will be able to share documents easily among st your staff and clients.

Online File Sharing Can Save You Time

Doesn’t it drive you absolutely nuts when you have to wait FOREVER to attach a file to your email message? If you use online file sharing, you won’t have to attach files to your email anymore. You can just add the file to your online file sharing service and then share the link to the document with your client or staff member.

File Sharing Can Free Up Space on Your Computer

If you use online file sharing sites, you won’t have to store as many documents on your computer. With online file sharing sites, you store the documents online instead of on your hard drive. This helps you free up space on your computer so your computer will run better.

Online File Sharing Is Secure

Online file sharing is more secure than you would think. Online file sharing sites such as ShareFile.com by Citrix make sure that your information is secure. They would go out of business if their clients’ files weren’t secure. The online file sharing system at ShareFile.com by Citrix, for example, gives users the ability to send and receive files with up to SSL/TLS 256-bit encryption.

Online File Sharing Is Easy To Use

Online file sharing is not as complicated to use as you might think. If you know how to upload a document to an email program, you can use an online file sharing site such as ShareFile.com by Citrix. Online file sharing can be used by newbies and experts. This is important because you don’t want to have to spend a lot of time training your staff on software.

Having backups of your documents is not optional these days. You need to be able to access your files in case something happens to your computer. Using online file sharing is one great way to back up your files and make it easy to collaborate on projects. Online file sharing erases some of the headaches that come with trying to share a document amongst different staff members. Be sure to check out an online file sharing service today to start enjoying some of these benefits.


Details Sales Rank: #52667 in Sports & Outdoors Size: 11.75-inch Color: Brown Brand: Wilson Model: A2K0001796W Features Pro Stock Select Leather – the top 5% of Pro Stock hides triple sorted for flawlessness Rolled Dual-Welting – provides a stable and durable pocket 2x palm construction – yields a break in that feels custom made 3x more craftsman shaping – pounded and shaped by a master technician at the factory reducing break in time for you Designed to play your way – with either one or two fingers in the pinky stall

Description The A2K has been further refined for perfection in 2012. Our most premium glove model – All the A2K’s features work together to provide the same core benefit – a truly long lasting glove that breaks in as quickly as possible. Pitcher’s model – features a deep pocket perfect for finding the right grip, laced webbing allows for a faster break in , but keeps the grip concealed from the hitter. Features:Pro Stock Select Leather – the top 5% of Pro Stock hides triple sorted for flawlessness Rolled Dual-Welting – provides a stable and durable pocket2x palm construction – yields a break in that feels custom made3x more craftsman shaping – pounded and shaped by a master technician at the factory reducing break in time for youDesigned to play your way – with either one or two fingers in the pinky stallBrand: WilsonModel: WTA2K00001796WSize: 11.75Dexterity: Right-Hand ThrowerWebbing: Laced T-WebColor: BrownUPC: 883813571840 Condition: NewMSRP: $399.99

More information (Wilson A2K0001796W 11 3/4 Inch Baseball Glove)

Join Launch Your Life Academy


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A Guide to Sports and Leisure Equipment for Home Recreation

Some people like to set up their own recreational and sports facilities in their own home, no matter how small the allotted area may be. This is a wise idea, because one does not have to go out of their way anymore to go to sports clubs or recreational centres to have fun and relax. The cost is not that much when you know how to choose the right equipment at the right price. All it takes is a little resourcefulness, and you will be able to find good offers from suppliers and manufacturers.

Home recreational facilities

One of the common recreational facilities that can easily be obtained is a pool table. This implement is a familiar fixture in many houses, especially those whose owners are into sports. The table is also called a pocket billiards table because rules in pool are a bit different from those of billiards.

Originally, pocket billiards tables had four pockets until they evolved into having six – one on each corner and one on the middle of the lateral sides. The usual dimensions of these tables range from 8.5 feet to 9 feet in length, with common rectangular ratio measurements of 9 feet by 4.5 feet. Tournament sizes, particularly for Olympics competitions, are approved by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) as well as by affiliates coming from regional and national Olympic committees. Most private individuals who own this amenity prefer to abide by the standard competition size so they can have the feel of an actual tournament.

Various models of the pocket billiards table

One of the most prestigious suppliers of pocket billiards tables goes by the name of Home Leisure Direct. This company caters to the distinctive tastes of pool sports lovers by providing various models that will suit everybody’s requirements. These pool table models come with different features that conform to individual preferences by pool players. Some of these models include: English Pool Tables, American Pool Tables, Luxury Pool Tables, Jack Daniel’s Pool Tables, and Pool Dining Tables.


Some pool aficionados take their games and tools seriously. And to enhance the pleasure of playing pool right in the comfort of their homes, they make sure they have the latest accessories for their brand of sport. One very important accessory that any pool table owner must have is the tablecloth. This piece is spread over the table when it is not in use to protect the surface from dust, grime, and other elements that may damage the top cover of the table.

More “must have” accessories are pool balls, which are essential because a pool game cannot begin without the balls. And then there are the triangles and diamonds where the balls are set up and arranged for easier target range.

When buying this sports equipment, you must survey the area where you plan to set it up. Since the table is quite massive, choose a sizable room where there is enough room for movement. During a pool game, the players can be so engrossed that they tend to make wide movements. Make sure that your home has an area that can accommodate at least a regular sized pool table.

Adam Anderson is a sports blogger who has an inclination for pool games.  He regularly contributes articles to online sports and leisure magazines where he writes reviews on different pool table brands.

Top 10 Last Minute Holiday Destinations in 2015

It is agreeable by everyone that last minute plans always work out better than the planned ones. When you are planning for something or some event since long, something goes wrong at nick of the time and then you do not have many options left. However, if you randomly make a plan with family or friends and go out with whoever is available at that time, you have the best time of your life.

Bus Charters



The same theory applies to vacations as well. People plan for one place, organize things, convince friends and family to come along and then, something goes wrong. At that time, many people do not want to back off because they are in that mode now. At that time, you end up making a new random plan for some location. Here are those random last minute locations for 2015, which people finally go to visit. Whether you are traveling by plane or chartered bus there are some really great locations to start planning to visit in 2015.

1.      Tijuana – Cancun

Two types of people go to faraway places, tourists and travelers. If you are a tourist then Tijuana has all the fun that one is looking for. However, travelers also go to Cancun and Tijuana because they are looking for a change. People from U.S will find a difference in customs and may be that is the reason Tijuana is number one when it comes to last minute destinations. It is equally possible that people’s budgets have a say in this.

2.      St. Petersburg – South Beach

This place was previously not of prime importance to visitors. It did not attract much attention. Now, being on the second rank, it now comprises of all the attractions that a traveler would want. Artists, musicians, beach, gulf courts and many other things are developing in St. Petersburg. Those who consider going to the south beach as something not acceptable, choose to go for other locations, which are covering other beauties of life.

3.      Taipei – Hong Kong

It is the location for those enjoy modernity and oldies touch together.  It is the place full of natural beauty. If there is something natural about winters that you want to witness, your choice will be Taipei. It has a touch of old Hong Kong and it is a fast moving city. All these determinants contributed to earning it the third rank in top tendestinations.

4.      Banff – Aspen

Travel in luxuryDo not have much budget but want to go for a vacation? People are choosing this place worldwide with the same question. It is the place with variety of skiing options and other beauties to catch your attention. You will love your time spent and save some dimes in your pocket.

5.      Lyon – Paris

No person living on earth is an exception when it comes to having a dream to visit Paris. Lyon is the third largest city of France, which is in no way less than Paris in terms of beauty is. Its beauty will remain with you forever and you will cherish those memories. If your pocket cannot afford Paris, Lyon is the right substitute. That is what earns it fifth rank.

6.      Nicaragua – Costa Rica

Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean coastlines increase the beauty of Nicaragua. The reason for it to be on sixth rank is that it provides the fun of Costa Rica while being an economical choice. You can surf, enjoy beaches and have sunbaths at Nicaragua.

7.      Las Vegas – Monaco

This is the city, which charges you low because it can earn back from the level of gambling that takes place in this city. However, if you only consider choosing your own benefit, you will definitely go for this location. Many people around the world already choose it.

8.      Bratislava – Prague

Many people find it hard to compromise on the amazing fancies of Prague but they also cannot afford it at all times. Bratislava is now becoming the choice for those people. It is a place where the traveler will never fall short of activities.

9.      Belize – Bahamas

Belize is the place where you can spend some quality time of ruggedness. The place provides facilities for divers and cave lovers.

10.  Edinburgh – London

Culture, history and shopping all come together at Edinburgh. However, it is in the last place but still it has all those values that a historical place must have. It is a wise substitution for world’s famous city of London for those who wish to go for an economical trip.


Bus ChartersAt times, our perceptions are just false due to word of mouth and the truth remains something else. Similarly, of all the beauties in the world, people really go because they fascinate them to these places. To take advantage of conveniences, there are bus charters  here in the USA that can transport you in luxury and you can visit the local historic sites that we have to offer. You can take historic bus trips or visit nationally recognized casinos while leaving the driving to professionals.

three tips on SEO reseller options

Some of the tips that we have found most successful are the following:
1) creating unique content sites where you place affiliate ads and PPC ads such as Google Adsense. There are specific solutions to help White label SEO partners to grow their brand and affiliates. At  HubSHout they offer   seo friendly cms  solutions to help your business grow whether through organic or paid search solutions. The push for many of them is that you will make a few dollars a day by driving traffic to your site through updates in your content as long as it is focused on s specific niche and then having people clicking on those ads. Then to make the real money you need to create hundreds of these sites and this is where it can be confusing.

2) Spend money on various Adword type systems by purchasing keyword traffic that will drive customers to your site for less than what you would receive if they happen to click on one of your ads. Even for terms like 2014 goals you can start low and slowly build links. This can take a huge amount of time and resources if you not sure if what you are doing.

3) The last point and one that we have recently become aware of becoming a SEO reseller where you can use the expertise and technology of a proven firm to help your own business as well develop a SEO business of your own. At HubShout they provide seo software where you can get a tailored dashboard so that it shows your business logo and creates a theme and look that you desire. They supply all the reports so that all you have to do is help your clients grow their business.

Update your home and conserve energy with air conditioning repair

carbon footprintI have been researching ways to improve the overall value and energy efficiency of my home. I have found several sites that provide some great resources on how to do simple things like updating your air conditioning to reducing your homes carbon footprint.You can provide a detailed overview of your home through a simple step by step process and then see your energy report based on the total consumption. After completing these simple steps I was shocked at just how much energy and overall money we spend a year. Based on our energy consumption I have some work to do. Based on the average in our area we were almost double the amount spent. The site helps provide steps to reduce energy based on your input and then provides some additional energy savings tips such as using ceiling fans more to help cool your home. Here were a few of the energy saving tips that are simple to do and cost little to implement and will give the biggest payback:

  • Lower your thermostat (should have a programmable thermostat) by just a few degrees when you are not at home (approx savings $154/yr)
  • Lower the temperature on you water heater (approx savings $135/yr)
  • Replace your inside and outside incandescent light bulbs with more energy efficient LED bulbs (approx savings $83/yr)
  • Use the sleep or hibernate mode for your PC/Laptops when not in use ( approx savings $45/yr)

These are just a few of the tips that you can do right now to saving money and helping to reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint on the environment. Take the couple of minutes to visit Microsoft Hohm and see first hand how you can start saving money on your energy costs. I was impressed with this free service because not only is it free but they help to provide a check list of items that are recommended so that you can use this as a reminder to help with those Spring projects around the home and focus on ways to help improve the world we live in. You can look to air conditioning repair Phoenix AZ to help find local experts in repairing your AZ unit or providing cost saving tips for your home. They can even help determine if your air conditioning unit is operating efficiently or costing you more money.

Making home improvements is a great idea for increasing the value of your home and making your home a more pleasant place, but it can also be a disaster if done wrong. Having to fix your home improvements with further improvements can be avoided with a little thought and effort. Use the below tips to practice the right frame of mind to make sure all your home improvements are successful.


Another area to improve the value of your home, remodeling a bathroom can be a great step to take. Simple bathroom remodeling steps can include painting, changing out fixtures and installing new tiles. More elaborate efforts can include replacing bathtubs, toilets and sinks. Whatever route you choose, you’re sure to see an increased home value when you update your bathroom.

remodelMany home improvement stores offer classes and training sessions on different areas of home remodeling. You can sign up for these classes, often for free, and get great advice and tips on things like painting, simple plumbing, changing light fixtures, gardening and home decorating. It can give you not only the skills to do the job, but also ideas for your next project.


Sunrooms are a great addition to any home and they add both value and activity. Enjoy relaxation at its best and enhance the aesthetics of your home by choosing to build a sunroom. Let the sun shine through! A sunroom provides energy for your home and it is definitely a great home remodeling project.


Be sure to figure out your potential cost versus return in any investment you make to improve your home. Projects that will show a great return are the wisest to do. It is well known that all home improvement projects are not created equal. Do your homework; check the real estate market to see which home improvement projects are in high demand and contribute the most to a home’s value.


When planning a home renovation, be prepared for changes in the schedule. Renovations don’t always go exactly according to plan. There can be delays in receiving the materials, in getting building permits or in workers coming in to do the work. If you are prepared to be flexible, the renovation project will go much more smoothly.

Rather than buying a new home, think about making renovations to your current home if you want to make changes. Home renovations give you the freedom to mold your home into exactly what you want. It is usually a lot less stressful and expensive to renovate the home you have, rather than moving to a new home.

When selecting home renovations, consider the savings you will see in the future. For example, a new fridge may save you significantly on electricity bills, and new insulation in the attic could help reduce heating and cooling costs. While these renovations may seem expensive, future savings should always be considered during the planning stage of a home renovation.

When partaking in a large home renovation project, you should aim to have a clear vision of what you want. If the contractor feels like he or she can depend on the plans, things are likely to go much smoother. However, if the contractor does not feel confident in the plans, he or she may be afraid to do anything.

The above smart tips will get you looking at home improvements like a professional, so your projects will all sail straight for success instead of taking a more expensive, roundabout way to getting where you ultimately want to be. With the right attitude and mental preparation, you can transform your home into a dream home.

7 Tips for B2B Telemarketing That Rocks Your Revenues

Telemarketing is a powerful tool for generating and qualifying business-to-business leads, as well as setting appointments, but only if you do it right. So how do you get the most out of your B2B telemarketing program? Follow these 7 tips and you’ll be well on your way to success.

  1. Do it with Dedicated Agents
    Many companies outsource their telemarketing to a teleservices company; however, they may not be aware of how the telemarketing agents work. In many teleservices companies, telemarketing agents are expected to work for several clients at the same time.
    The company may believe this maximizes output, but it doesn’t lead to the best quality calls. While we might think that multitasking works, in reality the brain can only store five to nine things in short term memory. And you need at least that many nuggets of information just to handle one campaign for one client.
  2. Leap Over the Language Barrier
    Business-to-business telemarketers are often working with complex products that have a lingo of their own. So you don’t want to add any more language barriers. The best way to do this is to assure that agents’ native language is that of their target audience. Also, you’ll want to get them up to speed on the buzz words that relate to the product or solution they are calling about.
  3. Train Your Telemarketers
    Hire well-educated telemarketers who are rimed to soak up training on new products and industries. Then train them on product selling points, frequently asked questions, customer pain points, competition, target industries, and your company’s value proposition.
    Also, teach them about the power of your CRM system, how to use it best and the value of capturing all critical information.
  4. Go Unscripted
    Consumer marketers work tirelessly to hone their scripts and capture every nuance for a persuasive sale. But a script doesn’t work in business-to-business telemarketing. That’s because conversations need to focus on the prospect and solving their problems. You want agents to have free-flowing conversations and this cannot happen if they are supposed to read a script word for word. Instead, give them some talking points, and, as I said before, train them well.
  5. Listen Actively
    Let your telemarketers know that their prime goal is to ask questions and listen. It’s not until they truly understand the prospect’s problems and goals that they can craft a solution and explain how it will help.
  6. All Telemarketers Act as Part of Your Company
    It doesn’t matter whether you’re using outsourced telemarketing agents or your own internal staff; anyone who makes calls for you has to represent him or herself as part of your company.
  7. Respond in Real Time
    If your company is receiving inbound Web leads, set up your processes and systems to pre-qualify those leads online and respond to those with a high level of interest within 5 minutes. This will multiply your opportunities.

Jeff Kalter is CEO of 3D2B, a global business-to-business telemarketing company that bridges the divide between marketing and sales. He leads customer acquisition programs for Fortune 500 companies, and is passionate about building strong business relationships through professional phone conversations.

Traveling in an RV , Make sure your RV repair is done right

shoreI’m not sure how crowded beaches are this time of the year, but figured with school back in session that I wouldn’t have much trouble with finding some great locations along the Carolina shore. I haven’t ever tried to go deep sea fishing off the Atlantic coast during the fall season, but the Gulf is awesome in October for fishing. I have heard that people have good luck off the coast of the Carolina’s too in the months of September and October. Only way to know for sure is just to try it myself and see which place has the better fall fishing. There are even Carolina Beach Real Estate deals that you can search and find a home or condo that puts you right on the water and then you commute is just minutes. You can even search at Coastal Carolina Properties where you can get an idea of the wonderful properties they have to offer with no login required.

The hurricane patterns have flirted with the South Carolina coastline this year, but I can’t recall Myrtle Beach ever having a direct hit from a hurricane. It is something I will keep my eye on and I won’t be fishing too far from the bank if a hurricane is anywhere near. We are just now starting the hurricane season, so a Myrtle Beach vacation isn’t a guaranteed thing and this goes for all hotels, motels, and resorts that border known hurricane paths. If something does get to brewing out in the Atlantic on my deep sea fishing trip, I may just take residence up in a luxury resort and enjoy my time in Myrtle Beach that way. If you are an avid golfer and fisherman then you may want to strongly consider investing in the Wilmington NC Real Estate to take advantage of the great prices that are available. As people start to see more security in the economy they are going to start heading to and investing in vacation destinations like the Carolina coast.

RV repair ArizonaIf you are traveling in an motor coach or RV then you are able to visit more places while controlling your environment. People from all over the country will travel to the East Coast and specifically the Carolina Shore. Those that choose to live in Arizona and other warmer climates during the winter will look to travel east during the Spring and Summer months to get away from the heat. And since Arizona is land locked many of them are looking to find nice beach areas where the crowds are limited. There are companies that put trips together for couples and families that use motor coach buses that will take care of all the travel arrangements for you. This method of travel is a great way to see different parts of the country while being able to spend time with the your loved ones and family. Think of it like taking a cruise on land. If you are going to be taking a trip across the state or the country you will want to make sure your RV or vehicle is tuned up and all the tires and belts are in good shape. There is nothing worse than planning a two week vacation and having to spend part of it in a repair shop. Look for companies that specialize in RV repair because they will typically have some great insight into stop overs and have rescues to help you plan your trip. The experts at  RV repair Avondale AZ can help make sure that your RV is in good shape to travel across the country. So when you do all your planning and get the check up on your RV don’t forget to pack a your camera and take lots of pictures to keep and share those memories. And if you going to middle America or heading to the East coast be sure to stay connected with family friends by posting pics of your trip.

Please feel free to share your deep sea fishing stories with me. Let me know the places you have fished off the Southeast Coastlines of the USA. Make sure to pass along any tips on where to fish or where not to fish. I will be going to Myrtle Beach in October and I have a good feeling about this deep seas fishing trip. If you are traveling by land through a specific company also let us and readers know so we can pass on information. If you post on Facebook or Twitter send us a link and we will post here on our blog for others to check out.

Simple Ways to Handle Non-Paying Clients

Anyone in business right now will be experiencing financial problems caused by the economic climate. If that’s not enough there are always additional financial problems to deal with that are a result of clients that don’t pay you the money you’re owed. All businesses can experience this problem from time to time and as a result the cash flow of the company suffers. If you find yourself trying to get paid money you’re owed from a reluctant payer, there are a few ways you can deal with the situation.

Never Let it Lie

The most important thing for you to do is remember that you have every right to get paid. You provided the agreed service or product and now it’s time for the client to pay up. It is important that you establish the process you will follow even before you find yourself with a client who isn’t paying you. Decide how long to wait before you give them a call, create a template of a letter and an email and learn how you can get legal help.  Set out your procedures and include them in your terms and conditions.  Clearly display your terms and conditions on a page of your website and include them along with your contract when you begin working with a new client.

Get In Touch

You need to speak to the client to find out what the problem is. The best way to do this is to give them a call as they cannot simply ignore you once they have picked up your call. Ask questions such as:

  • Were they not happy with the service or product you supplied
  • Ask if they are having problems paying
  • Try to agree a date when the payment needs to be paid by. If this date comes and goes, give the client a call the following day and investigate. If they are unable to commit to a date, inform the client you will call them the following day once they have had time to check their calendar.

Always remain polite and professional. Sometimes the client will simply have forgotten or is just waiting for some money to come in themselves.

Avoiding the Problem

If you are fed up of suffering from the stress and lack of cash flow caused by non-paying clients, you must evaluate your systems. Introduce credit checks; make it clear in your discussions prior to agreeing to the contract that you expect to be paid on time. You can also charge interest for late payments and ask for deposits to be placed before you begin work. Remember, you are running a business and therefore you must have systems in place that will help you to maintain your business and grow.

Once you have new systems in place it is worth looking at your options. One method that is used to speed up the cash flow in a business is recruitment factoring.  Once you have established worthy clients, use factoring to receive instant payments for your invoices and simply repay the amount once the client has paid by the agreed date. Don’t let invoices and clients cause your business problems, find solutions that work.

Reaching more customers through tested email lists

There are numerous ways to help boost your marketing. With solutions partners like List Giant you can choose from business leads or consumer leads tailored to your specific market requirements. We found a few tips that can help you get started with your email marketing campaign and help it be successful:

Embrace mobile!

“Make sure the emails are mobile friendly,” Callarman says. She adds that a whopping 80% of people say they’ll delete an email if they can’t pull it up on their mobile phone. With smartphones permeating our everyday lives, mobile accessibility and mobile friendliness cannot be overlooked.

Craft great subject lines AND first lines.

You put the effort into creating a great subject line that will inspire clicks. Callarman says to put that same effort into the first line of your body copy. “The first line in your email should be as relevant as the subject line.  The subject line is a promise to your readers, don’t let them down.”

Keep left.

Placement is everything in an email blast. Take a fresh look at your email template and see where your most important information and copy is placed. Callarman recommends placing the most important content on the left.

Choose your subject line copy carefully.

If you’ve already begun testing subject lines, use your successful opens to inform the words you use in your future subject lines. Callarman notes that B2B companies tend to have the best open rates for emails with subject lines containing ”money,” “revenue ” and “profit.” If you’re a B2B or B2C brand starting from scratch, you can find a place to start with these recommendationsread more…

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